I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute. My research focuses on AI in the workplace and the questions of power and control which result from it. I am currently working on a project with the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, titled ‘AI for Fair Work’ which is aiming to develop a new set of standards for the ethical integration of AI into work environments. I am also a collaborator on the Fairwork project.

My first book, Riding for Deliveroo, is an investigation of class struggle in platform capitalism from the worker’s point of view. I have a long-standing interest in workers’ inquiry as a method and class composition as a theoretical framework, and co-edit the worker writing platform Notes from Below. My PhD focused on worker self-organisation in the UK service sector.

I took a break from academia to work in the Momentum communications team in the 2019 general election, and then led the team as Head of Communications in 2020-2021. I’ve been an organiser in progressive movements since 2012, working with students, renters, workers, migrants, and anti-racists.

In my spare time I train for and race ultramarathons. My next book, out with Repeater this year, is titled Running Out of Time and tells the story of what it means to me to run really long races. I also like playing around with 35mm film cameras, and live in SE London with my partner and a little dog.